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This is a small sample of the courses which will taught at the conference. Updates will be made in the coming weeks.

RVSEF RV Technical Education & Safety ConferenceRV Weight & Tire Safety – (Walter Cannon)  

This safety course and will provide attendees with the knowledge required to assure that their RV is operated within safety limitations. Information is designed to assist owners in managing their existing RV weights as well as purchasing the correct RV to match their personal needs will be provided. The tire portion of the seminar relates to maintenance and care of tires for optimum safety and durability. Tire pressure and proper inflation are covered in depth. The benefits of having the RV weighed by wheel position, a service offered by RVSEF, will be discussed.

RV Driving Part I – (Walter Cannon)

This class focuses on Pre-Trip Vehicle Inspection, Maintaining Space, Intersections and Turns, Blind Spots and much more. (Required for Behind the Wheel Driving Sessions)

RV Driving Part II – (Walter Cannon)

This class focuses on basic RV operation, knowing your vehicle, knowing your abilities, braking, Road signs and what they are telling you and Mountain Driving.

Understanding & Testing Airbrakes for RVs – (Walter Cannon)

Learn what you should know about driving with airbrakes. Learn how the air system functions and their safety features.

Road Use Laws – (Walter Cannon)

Overview of current Road Use Laws and how they impact your RV use

Matching Trucks and Trailers – (Walter Cannon)

Designed to give consumers a better understanding of the language used by both truck and trailer manufacturers. This class gives consumers a better understanding of truck ratings, trailer ratings, and how to match the proper truck to trailer while staying within ratings, for the safest possible travel, and most enjoyment from the RVing experience.

Understanding the RV Industry – (Bruce Hopkins)

This class focuses on RVIA Standards and Education and what it means to consumers.

Towable Braking & Suspension Systems – (Gary Wheeler) This class will focus on the design on towable chassis and brakes as well as maintenance.

General RV Maintenance – (Gary Motley & Gary Bunzer, Randy Biles, Walter Cannon, & Mike Hayn)

This class will focus on water leak prevention, slide out maintenance, hydraulic leveler maintenance and more.

RV 110 Electrical Systems/ RV 12 volt Electrical Systems – (Gary Motley)

This is broken into 2 classes, 1- 110 System and 2- 12Volt system.  Introduction to basic electrical systems in your RV, helping you understand 12-volt and 120 volt power systems in RVs. Discussion of batteries, converters, inverters, generators and solar systems and how they work to power your RV, as well as maintaining your deep cycle batteries.

RV Propane System – (Gary Motley)

Overview of propane and your RV propane system. Learn how to properly and safely handle propane. Learn what you need to know about testing and maintaining your propane system.

Inspecting an RV for Purchase (Gary Motley) 

Learn what you need to look for when buying a RV. This class is of the utmost importance to those looking to buy a used RV or a RV from a manufacturer no longer in business.

Taking Proper Delivery of Your Unit (Gary Motley)

Know what to look for when you take delivery of your unit

Winterizing Your RV/ Not Just for Storage - (Gary Bunzer)

This class covers winterizing your RV for storage as well as what you need to know about cold weather camping.

RV Water Systems – (Gary Bunzer)

This is broken down into 2 classes, 1-RV Fresh Water systems and 2- RV Waste Water systems. These classes will discuss how the systems work together including pumps, plumbing, filters, pressure regulators, tanks, and deodorants/chemical. Will also cover sanitizing and winterization.

A/C Systems – (Gary Bunzer)

This class covers proper operation and maintenance of your A/C system. What you need to know to insure your air conditioner operates properly

RV Appliances & Carbon Monoxide – (Gary Bunzer)

Learn the basic operation of your refrigerators, ovens, ranges, water heaters and furnaces. Learn how to prevent problems with regular maintenance. Class also focuses on the dangers of carbon monoxide as well as ways you can prevent becoming a victim. Learn important information about your carbon monoxide detector and the maintenance of the detector.

Generator Maintenance – (Gary Bunzer)

This class covers proper operation and maintenance of your generator. What you need to know to insure your generator operates properly when needed.

Understanding of Battery Balance – (Gary Bunzer)

This seminar details the varying methods of connecting multiple 12 volt batteries and 6 volt batteries into large battery banks. In order to optimize the DC battery system, some configurations are better than others. Gary explains why and how to determine if your battery bank is, indeed, in balance.

Cleaning & Protecting Your RV (Gary Bunzer) 

Learn the proper care and maintenance of the various surfaces on your RV. Learn tips and techniques on how to maintain your RVs appearances with reasonable ease. Learn the facts and fallacies on the proper care and cleaning. RV Insurance – Become more informed consumer about RV insurance. Learn the need for Specialized RV Insurance and their features and benefits.

RV Financing (Randy Biles) 

This class will focus on financing options available to you today.

What you should expect from your dealer (Randy Biles)

This class will focus on the realistic expectation from your dealer. It will better inform you about how RV dealerships operate and the differences between RV and automobile dealerships.

Understanding Warranties & Extended Warranties (Randy Biles) 

This class will focus types of warranties available and what they cover.


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