Date & Location: Sep 28 - Oct 1 in Hutchinson, KS   

Weighing Team Contact: Susan and Trey Selman

Semniar taught by Trey Selman, Weighing Specialist   Time   Room
TBD   RV Weight and Tire Safety   TBD   Main Meeting Room

Weighing Site:  Kansas State Fairground near Grandstand

Map HDT RV Weigh Site

Arrival and Departure Weighing Appointments can be made in the following ways...

Arrival Weighing Appointments are the best time to get weighed this year. It is easier for you. We have plenty of time to discuss the results. And this year our time after the rally will be very limited. We have to take off to get to Arkansas.

Departure Day Appointments (Oct 1st Sun) can be made in person during the rally... Come by Site 124

  • Find Susan Selman to make the appointment
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