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RVSEF RV Technical Education & Safety Conference


What Every RV Driver Needs to Know – This class is intended for the experienced driver who might want to fine tune their motorhome and towable driving skills to the one that might be intimated by driving one of these units .Class explains the differences in driving different sizes and different types of RVs. Proper positioning of mirrors, Pre-Trip Vehicle Inspection, basic RV operation, Maintaining Space, Intersections and Turns, Blind Spots, knowing your vehicle, knowing your abilities, braking, road signs and what they are telling you and Mountain Driving will also be discussed

RV Weight Safety & Tire Safety

This safety course will provide attendees with the knowledge required to assure that their RV is operated within safety limitations established by the manufacturer, as well as what the importance of the information on your weight labels means. The information in this class is designed to assist owners in managing their existing weights as well as purchasing the correct RV to match their personal needs will be provided. The tire portion of the seminar relates to maintenance and care of tires for optimum safety and durability. Tire pressure and proper inflation are covered in depth. The benefits of having the RV weighed by wheel position, a service provided by RVSEF, as well as proper procedures for accurate weighing of RVs will be discussed

Understanding Your RV 120 volt Electrical Systems & RV 12 volt Electrical Systems

Introduction to basic electrical systems in your RV, helping you understand 12-volt and 120 volt power systems in RVs.

RV Propane System and Carbon Monoxide

This seminar provides an understanding of how the propane system works and knowledge of what to do if a problem occurs as well as safety checks you should have regularly performed. CO Safety – This section covers the dangers of carbon monoxide, as well as potential problem areas and how you can protect against CO poisoning.

Your RV’s Fresh Water & Waste Water Systems

This class will discuss how the systems work together including pumps, plumbing, filters, pressure regulators, tanks, and deodorants/chemical. As with any system on your coach a certain amount of attention at varying intervals, will keep the trouble to a minimum.

RV Fire Safety & Escapee Planning

Learn the basics of fire safety and proper use of fire extinguishers as well as planning your escape routes and discussions of fire suppression systems. Learn the different types of extinguishers, how to check, test, and use your fire extinguisher. You will also learn about Smoke, LPG, and CO detectors, driving with propane, how to maintain and use escape hatch/window as well as developing your escape plan.

Campground Safety

A 6 Step Plan for All RVers – Campground safety is paramount! Trouble –free RVing for all people, pets, and property, while using any RV, requires the RVer to know, understand and practice the proper procedures for pre-trip preparations, checking in, setting up, using, disconnecting and exiting any campground or campsite.

Properly Matching Trucks and Trailers/5th wheels 

Ever heard “Yeah, it’ll pull it”, we all have, only to find out it would not tow it. There is a big difference between pulling and towing that trailer/5th wheel. This class is designed to give consumers a better understanding of the language used by both truck and trailer manufacturers. This class will give consumers a better understanding of truck ratings, trailer ratings, and how to match the proper truck to trailer while staying within ratings, for the safest possible travel, and most enjoyment from the RVing experience.

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