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Serving the RV Community for 30 years

RVSEF began as A'Weigh We Go in 1993 as an RV weighing program. As time passed, we quickly realized that there was a need for RV weight and tire education, so we began our safety seminar programs. Our seminar programs and weighing service became the recognized source of accurate, unbiased information for the RV owner who was serious about operating his RV safely. A'Weigh We Go was the beginning of a revolution in the RV Industry, and was responsible in part for the weight disclosure labels now found in new RVs, as well as a heightened interest by RV manufacturers in the weight of their products.

In the late 1990s, we began to realize that there were many subjects other than weight safety that need to be addressed to help the RV owner, such as electrical, towing, driving, fire and others. In 2000, the Recreation Vehicle Safety & Education Foundation (RVSEF) was formed as a non-profit IRS 501(c)(3) corporation to address these needs. Beginning in 2001, the programs and services provided by A'Weigh We Go were transferred to RVSEF.

RVSEF, as was A'Weigh We Go, is not a consumer, nor industry advocate program, but rather a safety advocate program. RVSEF does not rate, endorse, or criticize products or services. It does not get involved in disputes between RV owners and their dealers or manufacturers. It does not teach or publish opinions that cannot be validated, but sticks to the facts.

Today RVSEF brings safety education to over 100,000 RVers and RV enthusiasts annually, through seminars at over 100 RV rallies, dealer shows and industry events as well as the RVSEF Technical Education & Safety Conference.

RVSEF exists solely through industry support, these supporters are sincerely interested in the safety and welfare of the RVing public as well as the health of the RV industry, we appreciate and applaud their interest. Please visit our sponsor page for more information on these companies.