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Goodyear G159 275/70R22.5 Replacement Announcement

Goodyear has announced a safety campaign to replace any older (1996-2003) Model G159 tires size 275/70R22.5 tires that were installed on RVs. Goodyear will replace these tires free of charge and has provided this Owners Bulletin that describes the situation and the process to contact Goodyear to facilitate a replacement. NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) has also issued a consumer alert which provides information about the recall and Goodyear's replacement program.

RVSEF Reminders: If you have any tire of this age, it is important to understand that tires get old and often need to be replaced before the tread wears down. Recreation vehicles experience conditions which reduce the lifespan of tires. One condition is that RVs often sit still for extended periods of time. Tires like to move but when they sit still for months, they become less elastic. Over time, we will begin to see tiny cracks in the rubber that indicate this aging or weathering of the tire. This lets us know that we need to begin to consider tire replacement. Even if we do not observe this weathering on the rubber we need to understand that as time passes the rubber is becoming less elastic.

There is no set time to replace the tires if the tread has not worn down too far. (4/32nds of a inch of tread depth is when the tread is getting too thin to properly functon). Trailer tires have a harder life and usually need to be replaced every 3-5 years. The lifespan of tires on motorized vehicles may be more like 6-8 years. Tires might last up to 10 years, but risks to property and life increase more as time passes.

RVers also need to be aware that vehicles and the vehicle components, most importantly the tires, have load capacities that should not be exceeded. Know the safety ratings and cargo carrying capacity of your RV and take steps to not overload the vehicle. Overloading a vehicle reduces the lifespan of the components of the vehicle and places our lives and the lives of others who travel next to us at greater risk. Being a good neighbor and responsible RV owner benefits everyone and allows us to enjoy this unique and wonderful lifestyle.

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