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Sometimes items on webpages may not function as they should. This happens more often on all websites because they are becoming increasingly complex and they are frequently updated with new background software. To make sites load faster some of the background support files are stored in a browser cache on each computer. Over time these cached or stored files can become corrupted by the processes on the computer or they may just be old. These files then may cause a website to behave irratically or cause parts of the webpage to not work properly. The files need to be washed out of the cache and replaced with the newest files. This is called refreshing the browser cache. Below if a process for replacing the browser cache that works for many of the primary browsers. The placement of some of the listin items may slightly vary from browwer to browser.

This is a good process for you to learn because it increasing happens on most active websites across the web.

Step 1 - Open Developer Tools

Right click on page and choose INSPECT (or Developer Tools>Inspect) near the bottom of the context menu.


Step 2

A set of developer panes should take up about half the screen. If it is the lower half of the screen, then skip to the next step. If it takes up the right side of the window then choose the three dots on that developer pane and select the bottom option to get the pane at the bottom.


Step 3

It should look like the image below with the tool across the bottom of the window. Now choose the Network table and make sure the disable cache checkbox is checked.


Step 4

Finally hold down the Control key (Shift Key for Firefox) and click the page refresh button (circle with an arrow) near the address bar that is at the top of the window. The page should refresh. Let it complete the download of all the background files to load the refreshed page and then try to open the accordion (or item) and hopefully it will open and close as it should.