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RVSEF RV Technical Education & Safety Conference

Understanding the RV Industry – (Bruce Hopkins)

This talk focuses on RVIA Standards and Education and what it means to consumers. This is your opportunity to speak with RVIA (mfg. association) Presented at opening ceremony

What a Manufacturer does to address vehicle safety and compliance – (David Mihalick, Thor Industries)

Attendees will hear the differences between traditional automobile dealers an RV dealers. The relationship between the manufacturer and dealer will be explained and how best to be successful in navigating that relationship as a consumer. Additionally, participants will get a base level of understanding of what vehicle laws RVs need to comply with to be on the road.(Following RVIA Presentation)

RV Weight Safety & Tire Safety 

This safety course will provide attendees with the knowledge required to assure that their RV is operated within safety limitations established by the manufacturer, as well as what the importance of the information on your weight labels means. The information in this class is designed to assist owners in managing their existing weights as well as purchasing the correct RV to match their personal needs will be provided. The tire portion of the seminar relates to maintenance and care of tires for optimum safety and durability. Tire pressure and proper inflation are covered in depth. The benefits of having the RV weighed by wheel position, a service provided by RVSEF, as well as proper procedures for accurate weighing of RVs will be discussed.

Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) 

This seminar focuses on the function and operation TPMS as well as the different kinds available.

RV Driving: 

What every RV driver needs to know regarding their motorhome and towable driving skills. This course is directed to those who might be intimidated by driving one of these units. The class explains the differences in driving different sizes and different types of RVs. Proper positioning of mirrors, Pre-Trip Vehicle Inspection, basic RV operation, Maintaining Space, Intersections and Turns, Blind Spots, knowing your vehicle, knowing your abilities, braking, road signs and what they are telling you and Mountain Driving will also be discussed (Limited time slots for Hands on Driving classes are available for an additional fee)

Understanding & Testing Airbrakes for RVs 

Most of us have never had air brakes, but that new coach you just purchased or are looking to purchase has air brakes, now you ask yourself, how do they work, what do I need to know to be able to operate this unit? Do I need a special license or take a test? Learn about driving with airbrakes, how the air system functions and their safety features, as well as tests you should perform each day before traveling.

Road Use Laws

Are you legal traveling down the road, do you have the right license for the RV you have, what about your weight and overall length am I legal? These questions and more will be answered. This class reviews current Road Use Laws and how they impact your RV use; also learn where to find these laws.

Properly Matching Trucks and Trailers/5th wheels 

Ever heard “Yeah, it’ll pull it”, we all have, only to find out it would not tow it. There is a big difference between pulling and towing that trailer/5th wheel. This class is designed to give consumers a better understanding of the language used by both truck and trailer manufacturers. This class will give consumers a better understanding of truck ratings, trailer ratings, and how to match the proper truck to trailer while staying within ratings, for the safest possible travel, and most enjoyment from the RVing experience.

Campground Safety- A 6 Step Plan for All RVers 

Campground safety is paramount! Trouble –free RVing for all people, pets, and property, while using any RV, requires the RVer to know, understand and practice the proper procedures for pre-trip preparations, checking in, setting up, using, disconnecting and exiting any campground or campsite.

Gas vs Diesel General 

This class we will discuss basic differences in gas units and diesel units. We will discuss basic maintenance for both engine and chassis needed to keep your coach running smoothly.

Towable Braking & Suspension Systems 

This class will focus on the design on towable chassis and brakes and how they work as well as maintenance needed to keep them running smoothly.

General RV Maintenance 

This class covers water leak prevention, leveling systems, slideouts, steps, awnings & slideout toppers operation & maintenance, open ended class

RV 110 Electrical Systems/ RV 12 volt Electrical Systems 

This is broken into 2 classes, 120V System and 12Vsystem. Introduction to basic electrical systems in your RV, helping you understand 12-volt and 120 volt power systems in RVs. This class will also cover inverters and converters

Photovoltaic (Solar Power) & Your RV

Learn the benefits of adding an effective solar charging system. The important components, the issues and the solutions will be addressed in this class.

RV Propane System and Carbon Monoxide 

This seminar provides an understanding of how the propane system works and knowledge of what to do if a problem occurs as well as safety checks you should have regularly performed. CO Safety – This section covers the dangers of carbon monoxide, as well as potential problem areas and how you can protect against CO poisoning.

Your RV’s Fresh Water & Waste Water Systems

This class is broken down into RV Fresh water system and RV waste water systems. This class will discuss how the systems work together including pumps, plumbing, filters, pressure regulators, tanks, and deodorants/chemical. Will also cover sanitizing and winterization. As with any system on your coach a certain amount of attention at varying intervals, will keep the trouble to a minimum. Also learn the importance of venting and the correct evacuation procedures.

Inspecting an RV for Purchase 

Learn what you need to look for when buying a RV. This class is of the utmost importance to those looking to buy a used RV or a RV from a manufacturer no longer in business.

Taking Proper Delivery of Your Unit 

Know what to look for when you take delivery of your unit

RV Appliances Operation & Maintenance

Learn the basic operation of your refrigerators, ovens, ranges, water heaters and furnaces. Learn how to prevent problems with regular maintenance. Class also focuses on the dangers of carbon monoxide as well as ways you can prevent becoming a victim. Learn important information about your carbon monoxide detector and the maintenance of the detector. (RV units available for demonstration during class)

Spare Parts/Key Questions 

This seminar suggests a list of recommended spare parts to be carried in the RV for each major system, including the appliances and other devices that have a higher frequency of failure, coupled with questions to be asked while on the road should you happen to be forced into an unfamiliar service shop.

Generator Maintenance 

This class covers proper operation and maintenance of your generator. Learn what service and maintenance needs to be preformed to ensure optimum efficiency. How much exercise does your generator need?

RV Basics Walk Through for Everything You Need to Know

You will be walked through the operational systems of an RV for both novice and seasoned RVers. After spending an hour with one of the instructors, you’ll feel confident in your ability to operate your own home on the road. (Limited number per class)

Understanding of Battery Balance

This seminar details the varying methods of connecting multiple 12 volt batteries and 6 volt batteries into large battery banks. In order to optimize the DC battery system, some configurations are better than others. Gary explains why and how to determine if your battery bank is, indeed, in balance.

RV Fire Safety & Escape Planning 

Learn the basics of fire safety and proper use of fire extinguishers as well as planning your escape routes and discussions of fire suppression systems. Learn the different types of extinguishers, how to check, test, and use your fire extinguisher. You will also learn about Smoke, LPG, and CO detectors, driving with propane, how to maintain and use escape hatch/window as well as developing your escape plan. (Escape window demo and practice of proper fire extinguisher use with attendee participation)

Properly Towing with a Motorhome/Supplemental Braking for Your Towed vehicle (Demo)

Learn about the different methods of towing your vehicle and the proper equipment you’ll need to tow it safely. Does you towed vehicle need supplemental braking? If it has wheels, it needs brakes. Learn the different types and operation and maintenance of supplemental brakes. (There will be demonstrations with attendee participation)

Hitches & Brake Controllers from Proper Installation, Operation to Maintenance (Demo)

This class will take you through choosing the right hitch, proper installation, proper operation, and maintenance. Not all brake controls operate the same. Timer vs proportional – performance differences There will be demonstrations of proper hitching with attendee participation.

Rubber Roof Care 

RV roofs may not be something you give much thought to-out of sight, out of mind! But there’s a lot riding under your roof – furnishings, appliances, and personal belongings that you want to keep safe from damage, as well as keeping the RV itself from cosmetic damage that can adversely affect you RV’s appearance and value! This seminar will help you become informed about your RV roof and what you can do to clean, protect, repair and restore it when necessary. Come learn from the RV Roof Experts about how to care for your biggest investment!

Cleaning & Protecting Your RV 

Learn the proper care and maintenance of the various surfaces on your RV. Learn tips and techniques on how to maintain your RVs appearances with reasonable ease. Learn the facts and fallacies on the proper care and cleaning.

Technically Choosing Your Next RV 

You’ve perused and studied many articles and websites on how to “choose” the RV of your dreams. You’ve attended seminars, interviewed friends and family, and reconciled every possible scenario to finally narrow the field of possibilities down to those RVs you would consider to purchases. Now what? Why not compare your short list from a more technical standpoint? It just may be the difference between two or more seemingly similar coaches. All RVs are not created “technically” equal. Learn how to tell the difference in this informative seminar.

What you should expect from your dealer 

This class will focus on the realistic expectation from your dealer. It will better inform you about how RV dealerships operate and the differences between RV and automobile dealerships.

Understanding Warranties & Extended Warranties 

This class will focus types of warranties available and what they cover.

Personal Safety for RVers 

Personal safety is an issue to which RVers should give some attention. Learn the keys to personal safety. This class is a guideline for the road to safe RVing.

Avoid Being A Victim & Information on Concealed Weapons – (Tim Cleary) 

Tim will discuss laws for carrying a weapon in your vehicle, differences from state to state. A discuss of using less then lethal force as well as not becoming a victim.

Preparing Your Home for You Extended Traveling Plans 

This class covers preparing for extended travel and the things that you need to consider and take care of at your home before you leave.

Driving to Alaska 

Taking you to Alaska from how to prepare, what to expect, crossing the border through sites to see. Good resource for anyone thinking of making that big trip to Alaska.

Boondocking Basics 

How do you make you and your rig boondock friendly and extend your stays out there. Learn about the different types of boondocking, concerns and limiting factors that must be considered.

Mail services & Communication on the Road

The process of finding the mail service that works the best for you as well as how they stay connected on the road.

Considerations for RVing -What You Need to Know Before You Go Full timing

From cost consideration to how are you going to RV is discussed. Main thing to remember about Full timing is that everyone is different with different interest and everyone needs to find the way that best suits them for travel, don’t blinding follow someone else’s way of RVing.

Tips & Tricks to Better Organize Your RV

Inside Your Rig: What Do I do with all my stuff? This class will cover ways to organize/maximize closets and cabinets; utilize vertical space. Keep paper flow under control.

RV Washers, Dryers & Combo Units – Tips for Use

Not your typical washer & dryers from home, we will cover the not so typical washer/dryer with tips to wrinkle free, stress free laundry.

Microwaves: Important Safety Instructions

It’s more than a microwave! This class will cover how to get the most from your microwave/convection oven as well as cooking tips, gadgets, utensils and silicone bake ware to make it simple and easy.



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