RVSEF RV Technical Education and Safety Conference RVSEF RV Technical Education and Safety Conference

The May 13th - 17th conference has been postponed to Sep 30 - Oct 4.
Hopefully the health circumstances will allow the conference to take place!

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Call for Availability (321-453-7673) - Time Slots Fill Quickly

You must already own and have your RV at the conference.

Special Conference Cost: $300/person
(Regular Cost: $350/person)

Behind The Wheel (BTW) Course

Each participant will be assigned a specific instructor and a specific start time for the actual driving program. The course will include:

About 1½-hours of Parking Lot Maneuvers, each driver to perform...

  • Exterior inspection of the RV for travel readiness
  • Proper adjustments of all mirrors
  • Air brake tests (diesel coaches)
  • Depth perception and stopping
  • Maneuvering into a campsite (forward and backing)

About 1½-hours of Behind the Wheel Driving

  • Driving in city, on interstate and through residential areas
  • Correct acceleration and deceleration lane use
  • Driving in construction zones (if available)
  • Proper lane changes and lane management

To avoid distractions during the BTW road course, only the driver and instructional staff will be onboard; partners and spouses are not permitted to ride along.