Event Date: September 25 - October 2
Event Location: Sevierville, TN
Weigh Team: Bill & PJ Forbes


Weighing cannot be done at a campsite, therefore we will have a special weighing site where the weighing process is done. Directions to this weigh site will be given by the weighing team.
Usually it only takes a few minutes to weigh any RV and a few minutes to review the report. Truck and RV Trailers take a few extra minutes because the Truck must be weighed two times. Once with the RV trailer attached and again with the RV trailer unattached. We have various procedures to expedite this process.
RV Weighing is done by appointment. We try to make it easy for the RV owner, so we make appointments when the attendees arrive at the event. We will only be able to do arrival weighing at the Hoots Rally this year.
Most likely. However, in some locations or events there are limitions that do not allow us to weigh folks who are not attending the event. Often we do not know the answer until after we arrive at the event and determine the weighing location or a possible secondary weighing location outside the event grounds. We do try to accomodate folks who do not attend the event but sometimes it is just not possible. Contact the weigh team below to see if this is possible.
See the weighing process and forms page for the cost of RV weighing by wheel position.


If you have trouble submitting your appointment with the form below try Secondary Appointment Form before contacting Bil & PJ Forbes.

Contact the Weighing Team

Email weighing team for questions about weighing at this event that are not answered above.
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