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RVSEF is available to do live educational instruction and weighings at RV shows, rallies or events.

We will provide attendees with the knowledge and understanding needed to assure that their RV is operated within the weight safety limitations found on vehicle weight labels, which are established by the manufacturer and how proper weight management is directly related to the function and care of tires for optimum safety and durability.

We will provide a better understanding of the language, concepts and standards used by truck and trailer manufacturers. Consumers will have a better understanding of truck and trailer ratings. For the safest possible travel and RV enjoyment it is important to properly match a truck and trailer while staying within vehicle ratings.

We will discuss what drivers need to know when driving with air brakes. One will learn how the air brake system functions and the systems safety features. Topics will include the air compressor, gauges, parking, emergency brakes, low air warning devices, and checking for leaks. Understanding this important safety system is needed for owners and non-owners considering the purchase of an RV with air brakes.

We will provide you with helpful driving information and tips, and is intended to help make your driving experience a safe one. With proper attention to the differences in vehicle size, height, and weight, you will find it easy to hit the road in your RV. The major objectives of this program are to increase driver awareness, understand and identify your vehicle, determine conditions that affect driving, and make participants safer drivers.

The RV Lifestyle is known to be a very safe environment. Personal safety is much more than potential crime. Personal safety encompases health concerns, weather conditions, driving, emergency road side procedures, and other travel and recreation concerns. Awareness is a primary safeguard when it comes to safety. We will review and discuss some of the basics to mitigate risk and prepare for various circumstances that are part of the challenges of life.

Mechanical, electrical, fresh water and waste water systems that are on our RV. To keep your RV safe and operating properly, there are some important maintenance items we need to check each time we travel and some we need to check yearly.

We will cover the basics of fire safety and proper use of fire extinguishers as well as planning your escape routes.

We will cover the basic operation of the propane system focusing on the safety end of things as well as CO safety and annual checks which should be done.

We focus on electrical safety in your RV at campgrounds, home or anywhere you camp.

This traning class is an overview of current Road Use Laws and how they can impact RV use.

This seminar focuses on the function and operation of TPMS, the different kinds available to proper operation.

Many are discovering the freedom and unique opportunities of living long term in an RV. There are a number of things to consider as you ponder living full time in an RV.

Staying connected to family, work and friends has become an important aspect to enjoy the RV lifestyle, especially the for those who live extended periods of time in an RV. Along with the importance of keeping relationships close, staying connected provides the ability to plan ahead, watch weather, work , and purchase items. In today's world, all of these activities can be made much easier with an internet connection. Mobile Internet connections are not quite as easy as fixed home connections and individual needs vary widely. The cost is greater, connections are less reliable, special equipment may be needed and support is not readily available. This discussion will include a general overview of the basics of internet connection options, enhancing the connection with some extra equipment, and reliable resources for ever changing landscape of staying connected on the road

Planning your travel has never been easier with digital tools. There are many campground locators, weather apps for safety, fuel cost, locating cool places to eat and, things to see and do. We will look at some of these great tools to help you enjoy your RV Traveling and planning

*Training qualifies for RVIA/RVDA Technician re-certification credits

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