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RVSEF is available to do seminars and weighings at your rally or event.

Rallies - Seminars available for small to medium rally type events where weighing is also provided

Shows - Seminars available for RV Shows or large rallies with specialized education program

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RV Weight & Tire Safety*
Rallies or Shows

This seminar is designed to educate RV owners on weight and balance issues related to loading and operating the RV within established ratings and safety limitations. The seminar covers weight labels and what they mean, as well as potential hazards and expense of operating in excess of weight limitations. The major emphasis of the tire portion of the seminar is maintenance and care of tires for optimum safety and durability. Tire pressure and proper inflation will be covered in depth. This presentation is designed to help the participant determine proper size, load range, and inflation pressure. This seminar is not designed to make you a tire engineer but to give you the knowledge needed to operate your RV Safely. RVSEF was the original organization to address the issues of weight and tire problems. Our first program, A’Weigh We Go, was presented in 1993 and has continued as RVSEF since 2000. RVSEF is the only weighing program recognized by the RV Industry and Tire Manufacturers.

Properly Matching Trucks & Trailers/5th Wheels*
Shows Only

This training class is designed to give consumers a better understanding of the language used by both truck and trailer manufacturers. Consumers will have a better understanding of truck ratings, trailer ratings, and how to properly match a truck to a trailer while staying within ratings, for the safest possible travel, and enjoyment from the RVing experience. Different variables which affect towing ability will also be discussed.

Understanding Your RV Weight Label
Shows Only

This training class gives detailed information about Federal Compliance Weight Labels (old & new) and RVIA specific weight labels (old & new), to help the consumer better understand what the information on this label means to them. There is a lot of confusing information out there about weight labels, this seminar will gives concise and accurate information about these labels and the changes which have been made.

Understanding Air Brakes & Air Brake Testing
Shows Only

This training class teaches what drivers need to know when driving with air brakes. One will learn how the air brake system functions and the systems safety features. Topics will include the air compressor, gauges, parking, emergency brakes, low air warning devices, and checking for leaks. This seminar is a non-technical course for owners and non-owners considering the purchase of an RV with air brakes.

Road Use Laws
Shows Only

This traning class is an overview of current Road Use Laws and how they can impact RV use.

RV Driving & Towing Tips
Shows Only

This is a brief 1 hour seminar designed as an overview covering basic safe RV operation, preparation, knowing your vehicle and planning your trip, knowing your abilities, driving basics, braking and mountain driving. (RVSEF also offers a 6 hour classroom only Driving Program which may qualify for Insurance discounts, as well as a 5-6 hour “Behind The Wheel” Driving Program)

RVing - What's it All About (Buyers Seminar)
Shows Only

What you need to know when you purchase your RV. From what you like, to what you need, this seminar will help you focus on what type RV will best suit your needs. Understand how you are going to RV,(fulltime, extended time, limited time). After you have decided how you want to travel, now it’s time to find the right RV for you. This seminar focuses on what you need to look for to get the right RV for your enjoyment. Learn what you should realistically expect and not expect from your dealer.

Maintenance Tips & Exterior Care for Your RV
Shows Only

This seminar covers a few basic maintenances tips every RV owner should know. From discussing annual test of the propane system to avoiding roof leaks, following the tips in this seminar can help to minimize problems on the road and increase your enjoyment.

RV Fire & Escape Planning Safety
Shows Only

This seminar based on the Fire section of our 9 volume Safety Packet covers the basics of fire safety and proper use of fire extinguishers as well as planning your escape routes.

RV Propane and CO Safety
Shows Only

This seminar based on the Propane section our 9 volume Safety Packet covers the basic operation of the propane system focusing on the safety end of things as well as CO safety and annual checks which should be done.

RV and Campground Electrical Safety
Shows Only

This seminars based on the Electrical section of our 9 volume Safety Packet focuses on electrical safety in your RV at campgrounds, home or anywhere you camp.

Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (Not a sales pitch - RVSEF does not sell TPMS)
Shows Only

This seminar focuses on the function and operation of TPMS, the different kinds available to proper operation.

*Training qualifies for RVIA/RVDA Technician re-certification credits

** All RVSEF seminars and program are copyright protected

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