From My Cold, Dead Hands

Aging is difficult. Don't let anyone tell you differently. While there are many beautiful benefits to maturity such as grandchildren who go back to their parents once the sugar high sets in, cool discounts that young whipper-snappers don't have access to, and

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Intersections: Intro

According to the US Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration,

“Intersections are planned points of conflict in any roadway system.”

That speaks volumes about how much care we need to take when approaching intersections.

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Intersections: Pavement Markings

United States Pavement markings, as determined by the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD), are efficient ways to instruct drivers of roadway use and warn them of potential hazards ahead. While we are aware of most pavement markings found at intersections, let’s take a little time to do a quick review the most common ones.

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Intersections: Signs and Signals

Signs are standardized to help motorists quickly determine the type of information they display. Color and shape give cues to help the driver understand the roadway situation the sign is identifying.

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Intersections: Conventional

Signalized Intersections

A Signalized intersection is operated by electronic traffic control devices. These devices are used by state and local agencies to separate conflicting movements along shared roadway spaces such as intersections.

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Intersections: Innovative

As our roadways become more congested, transitioning intersections becomes more frustrating and time-consuming for drivers. Older intersections just weren’t built to handle today’s heavier traffic volume.

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