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RVers are traveling all over the country, occupy large vehicles, and frequently drive in unfamiliar places. All of these conditions require extra attention to drive safely. Modern technology makes driving easier and safer, but we should consider how these same technologies may also increase risk to our lives and the lives of those driving around us.

A driver’s brain is their most important tool. A driver needs to be able to make everyday decisions quickly and instinctively such as when to proceed at a green light, how wide to make this right hand turn, and how much following distance is needed between the RV and the motorcycle in front of them. Along with these ordinary driving decisions, one must also be able to make emergency decisions like stopping for a child chasing a ball into the street, avoiding unexpected debris on the roadway, and safely reacting to the bad choices of other drivers.

All of these decisions, the ordinary and the emergency, require alert and focused thinking. As drivers, we need to eliminate distractions and put our attention to the task of driving. Awareness of how phones, maps, food, and other things can steal our attention will help us avoid these distractions, drive more safely, and enjoy the trip.

The next trip you take, make a conscious effort to evaluate your own habits. How often and for how long does your mind drift from the task of driving? Even while contemplating life’s circumstances or talking to your passenger, do you consistently return your focus to the road to ensure your own safety and the safety of those around you? Take the effort to regularly observe and evaluate driving conditions as you go on your way.

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