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Most RVS have large windshields that give us unobstructed views to some of the prettiest scenery in the US. This is a good thing and adds to the enjoyment of RVing. However, we should not allow what is going on outside the RV to take our focus off the road. Enjoy the scenery as you drive, but if you want to take an extended look, find a place to stop and enjoy the view safely.

Accidents along the roadway are often a sad consequence of inattentive driving.  Don’t get caught being inattentive yourself by watching the remnants of a collision rather than the road. Emergency crews need you to focus on driving safely so that they can safely do their job of clearing and documenting the accident scene. Give plenty of room when you see collisions along your route and don’t let your eyes and attention linger on the roadside. Focus on the road and the drivers ahead of you.

If you hear a strange noise or see something dangling from your RV in the mirror, don’t attempt to diagnose the problem while driving. Slow down, pull safely off the road, and then investigate. As a side note to this topic, make sure all items are firmly secured to your RV before your trip begins. Driving 60 mph down the roadway creates 60 mph winds and can cause items to come loose if not properly secured.

People are interesting. This is especially true on city streets where there are more of them. But city streets are fraught with all kinds of other things that need our attention like intersections, pedestrian crossings, and informational and warning signs. Pay attention to the road and save the people watching for when you are sitting on a stationary park bench. Don’t worry, there will still be interesting people once you are off the road.

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