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A generalized list of items to check before each RV Trip. It is a starting point for you to create your own list. Add or delete items as needed for your setup. Before Every Trip

Engine Compartment

  • Fluid levels – oil, engine coolant, brake fluid, transmission fluid, any specific fluids i.e. hydraulic
  • Belts – check for cracks or loose fitting
  • Check for leaks in, around, and under the engine.
  • Check for debris lodged in or around engine components i.e. leaves
  • Check radiator for debris and damaged coils
  • Check all hoses for cracks, leaks, and tight fit
  • Check battery if applicable to engine compartment for fluid, corrosion, and tight connection
  • Diesel engines
  • Check air filter indicator
  • Air tank moisture

Tires – check cold, 3 hours without usage

  • Sidewall cracks
  • Tread depth – 4/32 steering tires, 2/32 others
  • Rims/bead for damage
  • Valve stem, cap, and extensions
  • Proper air pressure

External Lights

  • Headlights
  • Fog lights
  • Clearance lights
  • Driving lights if applicable
  • Parking lights
  • Turn signals front, back, and side
  • Docking lights
  • Tail lights/brake lights
  • Emergency flashers
  • Reflectors


  • Mirrors – check to ensure they are secure, clean, and adjusted properly/working for electric
  • Windshield – clean inside and out, check for cracks or rock chips
  • Clean all brake lights, turn signals, backup lights, and headlamps
  • Windshield wipers – ensure they are working, good blades, and fluid

Exterior Walk Around

  • Awnings – retracted and locked
  • Slides – retracted and secured
  • Jacks – retracted
  • Hookups – disconnected, stowed, and compartment secured
  • Compartments – all items stowed, secured, lights off, compartments shut, and locked
  • Visual Inspection Under Coach
  • Check for loose items i.e. lawn chairs
  • Check for rocks, logs, or large items
  • Look for any fluid leaks
  • Check chassis for loose equipment or wiring
  • Height – look for any possible obstruction while leaving
  • Noises – with the engine running, check for unusual noises
  • Shut of propane at the tank
  • House Battery – check fluid level, corrosion, and connection
  • Electric Step

Towed Vehicle

  • Tow bar connection – check connection at the motorhome, at the vehicle, and safety chains
  • Lights – ensure proper turn signals, brake lights, and emergency flashers
  • Tire pressure – ensure proper inflation, sidewall condition, tread depth
  • Proper towing procedure – i.e. unit is in neutral, fuses removed etc
  • Emergency brake – disengaged
  • Auxiliary braking system – unit is operating properly
  • Lock the doors

Interior Walk Around

  • TV antenna – retracted
  • Secure all loose items inside the unit
  • Close all doors and cabinet drawers
  • Verify driver’s license, registration, and proof of insurance
  • Check First Aid Kits, fire extinguishers, smoke and CO alarms
  • Emergency Information – prepare a list of emergency phone numbers, personal information i.e. contact person, medication and dosage

Buckle Up!

This is a genralized list of items to check before each RV Trip. You will need to customize it to suit your setup.