Department of Transportation (DOT) portable propane cylinders, which are used in your travel trailer or fifth wheel, need to be recertified 10 years after the manufacture date. After the initial recertification, they will need to be recertified every 5 years.

The date of manufacture is stamped into the collar of the propane cylinder or a propane dealer can tell you if you are approaching your recertification date at your next fill up. Don’t be caught by surprise – it is illegal to refill a DOT cylinder that is beyond its certification date. You don’t want to be left out in the cold!

To find a recertification location near you, go to this DOT portal or download the RIN Locator App to your smart phone (Android and iOS)

What about propane tanks in motorhomes? American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) propane tanks in Motor homes are heavier and are permanently mounted. They do not need this recertification, but should be visually inspected regularly.

You can find more information below:

DOT Requalification Guidance for Propane Cylinders

CPA - Canadian Propane Association