How to Handle a Blowout

Do you know how to handle tire failure while driving? Watch this video to learn how to diminish the chance of tire failure and how to maintian control of your RV in air loss situations.

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Tire Load and Inflation Ratings

Sometimes it takes a tragedy to wake us up to something that we should have been concerned about but just never considered a priority. After all, bad things happen only to other people. Right? After weighing more than 40,000 RVs during a twenty-year span, we can tell you with confidence that a significant number of RVers are traveling down the road on overloaded or under-inflated tires that could fail at any time, with potentially catastrophic results.

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Loading an RV

Already thinking about your next great RV adventure? Watch this video for a few reminders before you load your entire house into your RV.

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Towing with a Motor Home

Is your motorhome big enough for the car you tow? Here are a few things to check before you leave on your next trip.

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Control Travel Trailer Sway

Do you have a sway control product on your travel trailer? Watch this video to see ways to control trailer sway.

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Matching Trucks and Trailer

RV Academy Matching Trucks to Trailers Video

Safety is critical when towing an RV Trailer. This training video discusses the importance of understanding a Truck's ratings and how these ratings limit the size of the trailer that can be safely towed. You will be provided the tools and basic understanding needed to assist your endeavor to properly match a truck and trailer, so that you can enjoy RVing safely.