Date & Location: Apr 14-20 in Crossville, TN   

Weighing Team Contact: Susan and Trey Selman

Weighing Site:  Near Deer Run Resort Entrance - Weigh Site will be confirmed when we arrive.

Arrival and Departure Weighing Appointments can be made in the following ways...

Arrival Weighing Appointments are the best time to get weighed this year. It is easier for you. We have plenty of time to discuss the results. There is only 1 possible location to do pre weighing at Deer Run and we will not be able to confirm the weigh site until we arrive. So, these appointments are contingent upon measuring the site and quality of the surface.

Online Appointment Form for Arrival Days Apr 11th - 14th (Wed - Sat)

Departure Day Appointments (Apr 21st Sat) can also be made in person during the rally...

  • Find Susan Selman to make the appointment
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