* non-weighing events

Date Event Location
Nov-Feb Central Texas South Austin, TX
Mar 10-13 FMCA Convention Perry, GA
Date Event Location
First Week of June RV Industry Committee Week *(non-weighing event) Washington DC
June 7-20 Heartland Owner’s North American Rally Goshen, IN
Date Event Location
July 7-10 FMCA Convention Gillette, Wy
Aug 15-20 Forest River Owners Group Rally Goshen, IN
Aug 31 - Sep 3 Grand Design Owner's Rally Goshen, IN
Sep 15-19 PRVCA Hershey RV Show * (non-weighing event) Hershey, PA
Date Event Location
Date Event Location
Jan - Feb Central Texas RV Weighing South Austin, TX


  • Each RV weighing is $60. RV refers to a Motorhome or Truck/Trailer Combination
  • Additional tow vehicles behind motor homes can also be weighed for an additional cost of $40.
  • For Truck/Trailer combinations the Truck will be weighed twice. Once with the trailer attached and a second time with the Trailer unattached. This is done so that the pin/tongue weight can be determined.
  • If, after making adjustments, a reweigh is desired this will also be a $60 fee, since the weighing team must perform the same amount of work.