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This National Safety Council / RVIA / RVDA supported Driving Safety course is designed to provide you with helpful driving information and is intended to help make your driving experience a safe one.

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Major emphasis of this seminar is to educate RV owners on weight and balance issues related to loading and operating their RV within established ratings and safety limitations. Learn to “speak the language of weight” and have a clear understanding what the rating are and what the information on your weight labels mean. The seminar also covers the potential hazards and expense of operating in excess of weight limitations. Procedures for accurate weighing of RVs will also be discussed. This seminar is designed to assist owners in managing their existing RV weights as well as purchasing the correct RV to match their personal needs.

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Major emphasis of this seminar is on understanding the capabilities and limitations of tires used on RVs. Procedures for determining the correct inflation pressure for optimum life, performance, and safety will be presented in this seminar. It will also cover maintenance and care of your tires.

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RV Safety 9 Volume

The package is a self-paced program, designed to address the needs of everyone who travels in the RV, from children to adults.

Air Brakes

This video provides the Motorhome owner with a basic understanding of how RV air brake systems function and the few simple tests to insure proper operation.

Weighing Report

Order a New Weighing Report $10.00 includes shipping and handling.

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