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Find GCWR - Published Towing Guides

Use Towing Guides Below OR (for Diesel) First Check Diesel Supplement then Owners Manual (gasoline and diesels that are not in diesel supplement)

Starting in 2019, most towing models have a Trailering Sticker near the Federal Certification label on the Drivers Door Jamb.

For 2018 and older Models - Use Owners Manual Links Below OR (for Diesel/Duramax) Check Diesel Supplement

Cheverolet/GMC Manuals 2018 and older (Search Year & Model|Choose Manual or Trailering Guide|Look in Driving/Towing section)

GM Vehicle VIN Decoder for Axle Ratio

RPO(Regular Production Options) Codes List

GMC Canada 2009-2014

Check Owners Manual

Truck Classifications Based on GVWR

FHWA - Federal Highway Admin

EPA - Environamental Protection Agency

GVWR (lbs) Vehicle Class
<6000 Class 1
10000 Class 2
14000 Class 3
16000 Class 4
19500 Class 5
26000 Class 6
33000 Class 7
>33000 Class 8