• Must be able to lift and move a minimum of 40 pounds
  • Must be willing to commit to a travel route, by a certain date, and stick to it.
  • Must be willing to perform all aspects of the job in accordance with RVSEF guidelines, for example:
  • Present Seminars
  • Set up and attend RVSEF booth at rallies (1 person at all times)
  • Coordinate with rally personnel
  • Handle customers to the standards of RVSEF
  • Locate weigh site in accordance with RVSEF site protocol, and acquire approval for use
  • Complete weighings as set forth by RVSEF
  • Prepare and forward all paperwork to RVSEF office within 1-2 days after weighing
  • Maintain security and safety of scales
  • Must be willing to spend some time in Goshen Indiana (3-4 weeks, if route permits, and especially for training)
  • Must be able to bring scales to Florida, once a year to be calibrated.
  • Understand that RVSEF does NOT pay your expenses for travel and or rallies, unless otherwise stated.  We hire fulltime RV'ers because they are already traveling and paying their expenses.
  • Have fun while educating people!  Take pride in what you do, and who you can help, and educate, but at no time become an expert
  • Must weigh at least 300 rigs, per year, to stay a traveling weigh team.

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