RVSEF Weighing Team


RVSEF is looking for a traveling RV weighing team. If you are an RVing couple, who enjoys working together, who values safety, and who seeks to supplement income as you travel, consider joining us. This job best fits couples who RV full-time, have a somewhat flexible travel schedule, and would like to make some extra income as they travel. Once the minimum weigh requirements are met, how much you work is up to you. The job is not intended to be a full time job.

Qualifications (you must):

  • Have experience RVing.
  • Both be physically able to lift and maneuver 37 lb. scales while weighing. (Note: those scales seem to get heavier at about 10 am on weigh day.)
  • Have a way to transport 4 scales and maintain their safety and security.
  • Be willing to commit to a schedule of rallies each year. With input and coordination from headquarters, each team will have flexibility determining which rallies they attend. However, certain rallies each year are priorities for the Foundation. So schedules are set around some of these important rallies. Also, some time in Goshen, Indiana is often needed - especially for training. Some important rallies take place annually in Goshen from June-October. Weighing can also be done in the winter months if located in popular RV winter locations, such as Florida, Texas, Arizona, Southern California, etc. The intent is to schedule teams along their travel route in order to keep personal travel expenses low. And for teams to be somewhat flexible to a travel route to include important rally locations.
  • Have a Windows OS computer, a printer/scanner, and internet access.
  • Periodically take scales to a facility to be checked.

More Details

Scales, signage, and a few other supplies will be provided by the foundation.

The work includes, but is not limited to, the following: attending various RV rallies, secure a weigh site, work with rally coordinators, present the RVSEF Weight and Tire Seminar, manage a booth during rally vendor hours so participants can ask questions and schedule appointments, prepare customer RV information for customer weigh reports, weigh participant RVs as they depart the rally, provide a weigh report, provide a brief review of their results, and send final reports to headquarters in a timely manner.

A typical rally includes 3-4 days in a booth making weighing appointments for departure day. The morning of the departure day RVs are weighed, usually from about sunrise to noon.

Teams need to shoot for a minimum of 250-300 RVs weighed annually. More is certainly better.

Compensation is based on the number of RVs that are weighed.

This is an independent contractor position; teams are responsible for their own fees and expenses.


  • Willingness to learn and listen
  • Desire to help and serve people
  • Understanding that we are there to provide solid factual information and not opinion. We are not advocates for the RV owner/consumer or the RV Industry. We exist to educate the RV owner and promote safe RVing by working with RV owners and the RV Industry.
  • We do not use scare tactics to promote safety. We help people understand the various aspects of their RVs and help them best manage what they have.


The foundation will provide on the job training at a few rallies and phone support as long as you work with RVSEF.


If you are interested in joining the RVSEF team, please contact Trey and Susan Selman at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We ask that you please attach a resume including a little about yourselves, how you travel, and a list of experiences and abilities you think makes you both a good fit for this job.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.