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Weighing Appointment

The first step to getting your RV weighed is to make an appointment with a weighing specialists. Check the schedule of weighing events for more information.


  • Each RV weighing is $70. 
  • The $70 fee is the same for both Motorhomes and Truck/Trailer Combinations.
  • Additional towed vehicles can also be weighed for a cost of $40.
  • For Truck/Trailer combinations the Truck will be weighed twice. Once with the trailer attached and a second time with the Trailer unattached. This is done so that the pin weight can be calculated.
  • If, after making adjustments, a reweigh is desired this will also be a $70 fee, since the weighing team must perform the same amount of work.

Collecting RV Information

We strive to help you understand your RV better through our training classes. Part of the learning process is solidified when the learner participates, so this means you're gonna need to do a little homework! If you find that you need some help please let us know and we will be glad to help. We want you to know and understand your RV so that you can enjoy RVing, safely.

Using a laptop or computer - The worksheet forms below are Acrobat PDf fillable forms, so please type you answers in the forms. In order to save the data in the forms you must view and complete the form in Acrobat Reader and it is strongly advisable that you have the most recent version of Acrobat Reader. Older versions of the Reader are very limited in the ability to save data in fillable forms. Also, viewing the form in a browser plugin such as Chrome, Safari, or Firefox do not allow form data to be saved or printed.

Using a tablet or smartphone - The worksheet forms below are Acrobat PDf fillable forms. You will need to get the most recent free Acrobat Reader DC App The form must be viewed in the Acrobat Reader App and NOT in a web browser. Another option is the Adobe Fill & Sign App found here - Android or iOS

  1. Save the appropriate worksheet to your computer. (right click on the button and choose to save the file)
    The data in the from will be lost if you complete the form while viewed in the web browser. You must use Acrobat Reader to complete the form and save the data.
  1. Next, open the saved file in Adobe Acrobat Reader
  2. Complete the form. (There are fields in the form where you can type your answers) - Help/Questions about Information needed on the Worksheet
  3. Save the completed form.
  4. For Laptops/Computer - Reply to the appointment confirmation email from the Weighing Specialists responsible for your Rally and attach the completed form or print the form to hand in.
    For tablets or smartphones - share the file in an email to the email address of the Weighing Specialists for your Rally or Event.

Motor Home and Truck information can be found on the Federal Compliance label on the driver' door jamb/pillar or near the driver's seat for motorhomes without doors on the drivers side. (On a few Motor Homes the label is in a nearby cabinet on the driver's side)

Truck GCWR can be found in the Diesel Supplement, Owner's manual, or online. Look in the Driving/Towing Section for a table where you should find the vehicle with your specifications.

Motor Home GCWR can be found in the vehicle literature specifications.

Tire information will be found on the sidewall of the tire. Please look at the sidewall to get this information and not a sticker somewhere else on the vehicle. There are many reasons why the original tire sticker may be different than the actual tires on the vehicle. The lettering can be small and hard to read, so a flashlight and a magnifying glass are handy tools. Better yet, take a digital picture with your phone or tablet and then zoom in to enlarge and read the small black lettering on the black background.